Well, NORS Baltimore is under a different regional XO for the program, and as of now we still do not have a date for the December PRT. Originally this was supposed to be an October PRT (which is generally the time frame we do them in the fall), but we have not received word as to when exactly the PRT date is scheduled for. Though this is of no fault of my NORS, it is of much concern, because I do not know if this date will fall on finals week, if I will have to delay going home for Christmas vacation for this, etc. Grr!

“Hurry up and wait.” – I’m starting to get that.

I think tonight I am going to swim instead of run because my knee has been hurting when I’ve been walking to and from classes and downtown; thus maybe I should take a day off from running. There’s only so much training/preparation I can put into this upcoming PRT anyways, as I still don’t have a date. I need to do more pushups throughout the day though.

I am panicing because I’m afraid I’m not going to be physically prepared for OCS, even though OCS is 7 months away. I need to up my workout routines :(.

Tomorrow, I am driving up to Carlisle Army Barracks to get my Military ID/CAC Card updated to show my new rank, get dogtags cut, and get my bloodtype checked for my dogtags. I’m so excited! I am going to leave very early though for all of this, just to make sure I’m back on campus in time for my meetings and such at 1100.