Soooo, I’ve had my medical records lost on three different occasions and I’ve only switched PCS once this year!! Argh!! But, I have an appointment to do the bloodwork at 0715 tomorrow and that’s good at least; then I can get my dogtags and new CAC Card and be on my way. I have some paperwork to bring up to them tomorrow when I check in for the Medical Records department, but honestly…ugh! – I guess it doesn’t matter too much since I’ll be reimmunized for everything later on this year before OCS, but it’s still a complete drag and worries me constantly.

I filled out all pertinent paperwork for my trip to Arizona! I have to submit the paperwork, as well as the check for a whoping $350.00, sometime tomorrow. Eventually, hopefully at least, I’ll find out what exactly I’m going to be doing for two weeks of my winter break in Arizona.