Though admittedly this is not my first week of working out, last week was the first week I completed a full workout that I set for myself as goals, minus the swimming. And, since it was Family Day on Saturday, I worked out Sunday in its stead. I am amazingly sore from swimming 1000yds yesterday which feels great, and I can’t wait to swim tonight (though admittedly I am either going to have to cut swimming or running tonight because of my exam Tuesday that I have procrastinated studying for until…tonight).

Everything else is good in other aspects, I’m picking up my new running shoes which are Nike Livestrongs, and a new Columbia winter jacket. It’s barely 40 degrees right now as I’m writing this! Wayy too cold for my comfort. I know my Aasics are still alright for running, but I’ve been having a lot of issues with shin splints and hip soreness so I’m gonna see if changing up my shoe works. Plus, these are the Navy colors, so if I decide I like this I can get another pair for OCS and be squared away with that.

So for this week, this is my goal:


  • Run 1.5 mi
  • Pushups/situps
  • Swimming, 1200yd minimum


  • 30 minutes elliptical
  • 15 minutes bike
  • 2 minutes Jacob’s Ladder
  • Pushups/situps
  • Arms/Core Lifting


  • Run 3 mi
  • 30 minutes elliptical
  • Pushups/Situps
  • Swimming, 2000yd minimum

I fully intend on keeping to this! If I do, perhaps I’ll lose some weight and cut my PRT time without getting shin splints before the PRT itself…which, we still don’t have a date for yet. Grr!

This week I also will go back to Carlisle with my promotion paperwork in order to get my new CAC card, find out my blood type and order my real dog tags. Though I don’t actually need a set of accurate dogtags just yet since the weekend is over, I really want a set – not that I’ll wear them all the time of course.

I ordered my class ring from Gettysburg College this weekend (bless my aunt’s soul for spoiling me because the ring was more than 400$ I think), and it just really is starting to sink in that I’m not going to be coming back here next fall. In some ways, that’s a blessing for me. I’m definitely ready to be officially done with the drama, skanky sorority sisters (though not all are like that, it is frustrating to me to know some of my friends constantly dote over their sister’s drama and who’s hooked up with whom), fraternities blasting music until 5 in the morning outside my house, etc. I’m ready to start graduate school – though I’m not sure which program I’m going to pick (but I’m pretty positive it’ll be Norwich University, though I have received acceptance from two other programs), and to start my life as an officer. I know as soon as I get to OCS, I’m going to miss the times of being in college, and I’ll definitely miss being able to see Matt everyday without having to worry about upcoming duty station changes, his graduate studies and plans for medical school, etc. But I’ve been praying about it, and I know God will find the answers I am looking for in due time. Being patient is very hard for me but I just need to have faith that things will see themselves through.


Women’s PRT Standards

CATEGORY       LEVEL     UPS  UPS   RUN   500-YD 450-M

OUTSTANDING  HIGH        105  48   9:47   7:15   7:05
OUTSTANDING  MEDIUM      103  47   11:15  8:00   7:50
OUTSTANDING  LOW         98   44   11:30  8:45   8:35
EXCELLENT    HIGH        94   43   12:15  9:15   9:05
EXCELLENT    MEDIUM      90   40   12:45  9:45   9:35
EXCELLENT    LOW         87   39   13:15  10:00  9:50
GOOD         HIGH        78   33   13:30  11:00  10:50
GOOD         MEDIUM      66   28   13:45  12:15  12:05
GOOD         LOW         58   21   14:15  13:15  13:05
SATISFACTORY HIGH        54   20   15:00  13:45  13:35
SATISFACTORY MEDIUM      50   17   15:15  14:00  13:15
PROBATIONARY             46   16   15:30  14:30  14:20

Goals for Training/OCS:


1.       I will work out 6 days/week for the next two months.

2.       I will do at least 50 pushups per day, 6 days/week until OCS.

3.       I will stretch out after running everyday by swimming or performing yoga in order to prevent injury.

4.       I will at least be able to perform an Excellent-Low by January 2011.

a.       87 curl-ups

b.       39 pushups

c.        13:15 1.5mile time

5.       I will perform Tuesday/Thursday workouts in the morning before 1000.

6.       I will perform Monday/Wednesday/Friday workouts by 2000.

7.       I will not skip Saturday workouts for any reason.

8.       I will take multi-vitamin supplements everyday and limit my caffeine consumption.