So the training ‘plan’ for the shoes was 0.25-1 mile every other day for a month. Leave it up to me to ‘modify’ that haha. Yesterday I went spinning for 20 minutes, did the elliptical for 20 minutes [both in an attempt to curb my desire to run but still get my cardio done in a non-impact way], had a GREAT upper body lift, and then did an ab workout in the evening. But I still wanted to run. It was too hot out to go for a long time – 98 degrees at 8:30 at night – so I decided I’d use the Vibram shoes for a half mile. I did, stretched out, then did another mile in regular shoes. It went pretty well and I’m still really sore from it, but I just had to. I’m getting addicted to running – which I think is a good thing!

I also made a week by week chart of what I’m going to do, what days. On STR, I have my longer runs, and MWF I have sprint and fast-paced drills/running barefoot drills. Saturday’s always my day off, like usual, and on STR I do Ab workouts, Lifting, and the elliptical [or swimming], and MWF, I do pushup workouts and spinning. So it’s what I’ve been doing the last four weeks, it’s just a little more organized so I can’t slack on something or don’t forget anything. I have roughly 11.5 weeks left before OCS – which is crazy to think about for me  and I’m definitely getting nervous – but this will get me in shape for it for sure.

Today I have another mile of running with the Vibram shoes, a pushup workout, and spinning. I’m gonna shoot for spinning for 45 minutes today, which should equal out to about 11 or 12 miles if I did my math correctly. Should be a good time!