So I panicked last night because two of my good friends that were in my BDCP program just drove up to OTC Newport yesterday to report to OCS tomorrow morning. I realize I’m not so worried about the day to day grind, or any of that – I’m worried about the intro stuff – driving there, where to park my car, what to do when I get there, what happens if I get lost. That’s my big fear: what happens if I get lost. I talked to Tara on the phone for about an hour last night about it, to see if maybe she and Troy want to come up with me. It makes me feel like a child to ask, and I know I can do it myself, but I am worried, and that would alleviate a lot of fear. I got to speak with a future housemate as well about it [she went to the Citadel and she’s currently working at the Nuke school] and she envies me being in my situation. I’ve never really thought of it like that – that it’s envious to be able to be an Officer. I guess I’ve forgotten that, how much pride and honor will go along with graduating from one of the most difficult accession/entrance programs into the U.S. Military. I need to just keep my head square and realize whether or not I’m scared, it’s gonna happen, and I need to be ready. So the best way to deal with fear is overpreparedness!