About My Life: The Timeline of the Navy

January 2009: I took the LSATs and received a 166.

February 2009: After interning with several lawyers, I decided I did not want to become a lawyer or go to law school.

March 2009: I contacted Petty Officer Shawn Jackson of the U.S. Navy Recruiting District in Hanover, PA, to discuss Officer Programs.

April 2009: I contacted Senior Chief James Washington, U.S. Navy Officer Recruiting Programs in Hanover, MD. I took the ASTB and received a 66 out of 80 (the average is a 40). I applied for the following programs: Surface Warfare, Intelligence, and Information Warfare. I received my acceptances and picked SWO.

July 2009: I went through a lot of waiting to receive my official acceptance into the U.S. Navy.

October 2009: A private investiagtor working for the government interviewed a few friends, family members, coworkers, etc., and myself – during midterms! I was quite stressed out, but everything went very well.

December 2009: I received my first Navy paycheck! I also switched recruiters because SRCF Washington retired. My recruiter is Chief Montalvo, a very cool dude.

May 2010: I completed the first official PRT for my record, and did fantastically!!

May-September 2010: I worked at Ft. Jackson, SC.

December 2010: I completed my second official PRT and dropped more than 2:00 off my run time, added 5 more pushups, and 12 more sit-ups to score an Excellent Medium.

May 2011: I graduated college, maxed out my first PFA, and moved down to Charleston SC!!!

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